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Cloud Adoption

Businesses of every size are embracing the cloud to advance their IT capabilities and set themselves up for long-term growth. Position your business to run smarter and more efficiently by investing in cloud solutions today.

How can the cloud help grow your business?
Cloud technology can help take your business beyond its physical bounds. Here are some of the benefits of the cloud:​


  • Empower employees to collaborate, share calendars, use online storage, and more, whether in the office or anywhere they are.

  • It increases productivity. Using cloud storage systems, such as Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint to keep your business data available anywhere and anytime you need it makes you and your employees more productive and efficient.

  •  It safeguards your company and customer data. Keeping your data in the cloud can actually secure it better than storing it on your own servers, because you can access the expertise and systems of cloud service providers.

Whatever your cloud IT needs are, we can help. Our cloud services span everything from:

  1. Cloud Readiness Assessments

  2. Managed Cloud Services

  3. Cloud Backups & Data Protection

  4. Managed Cloud

We will work closely with you to get your current production IT environment cloud-ready and answer all the questions you might have.

Now that your production IT environment is running in the cloud you have the option of letting us manage, maintain and support your cloud investment so that you can focus on getting work done again. Our Managed Cloud service is simple, practical and affordable.

We will handle the entire migration process for you. We use asynchronous replication to move your business-critical apps and data to your new cloud environment. After thorough testing, we will switch you over and you will be officially running in the cloud

Managed Cloud comes standard with a comprehensive security policy and clear risk-management protocols. Our security knowledge, experience and tools give us the edge your business needs to stay ahead of current and future threats